E3 Expectations: Sony

Sony had a lukewarm conference last year, it had a strange pace as it appeared to have no rhythm, especially when compared to 2016’s conference. This year there won’t be any major first-party announcements, however, they'll bring 4 major exclusives, and we can expect third-party titles to make an appearance. The Last of Us: Part [...]


E3 Expectations: Sony

After last year’s stellar presentation, Sony is expected to show more of the games introduced in 2016 and bring new surprises hoping to keep the momentum going. In a year in which their biggest competitors have new hardware to show, and exciting games, they must bring their A game to keep customers interested. But what [...]

What’s the Problem with Linearity?

Growing up in the SNES era, linear games were pretty much the main style of games, long before the open-world of GTA III, that gave players an incredible sandbox like never before. But recently, it is very common to see reviewers and pundits claiming that the linearity of a title was a flaw, that they [...]

PSX Showcase highlights

This is a completely subjective text, after all, these are my personal highlights. But we can say that even though it had its lows, this year's PSX Showcase was a very good presentation with some amazing surprises, and leaks that were confirmed. Let's begin: What a way to open https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PZjx5ao7alw A very nice mysterious demo, at [...]

Not Enough Bantering

Minor spoilers follow Games have evolved tremendously since I was a child when it comes to storytelling. And the more complex they became, the more we wanted to know about these characters and worlds. With the evolution of the 3D technology and voice acting, with actors becoming prominent due to some roles, character interaction has [...]

We need to talk about combat in the latter parts of games

Minor spoilers follow Every story, whether if it's a book, movie, or game needs an impactful third act to properly close a story, especially if it's a hero journey's tale. But more and more it seems like people lose control and don't deliver a proper ending for a great journey, with it sometimes ruining an experience that would've [...]