Companies Microsoft Could Invest in Instead of EA

In the past few weeks, rumors regarding companies that Microsoft was thinking of investing in surfaced around the media. It would work as a way to enhance their first party portfolio, that has been criticized in the past for its lack of quality, original titles, and also as part of the strategy to make Game [...]


The Difficulties of Making a New IP

IP's are a huge part of not only the games industry but of the entertainment industry as a whole. Just look at all the movies that came out this summer, and most games that will come out this Fall, they tend to be based on established IP's. Releasing a new intellectual property can be a [...]

What Sunset Overdrive means to Spider-Man PS4

Announced last week confirming rumors during the Sony press conference at E3, the exclusive Spider-Man PS4 game came with one surprise, instead of being developed by Sucker Punch as reported, Insomniac is the studio behind the project. And its history of quality franchises provides a lot of expectations despite the lack of details regarding the project, mainly [...]