2017 The Game Awards Predictions

2017 ended up being an amazing year for games, to the point it might even be considered the best of this generation. New and interesting games, old franchises making incredible comebacks whilst others established themselves. Like last year, let's make some predictions about the possible winners of this year's The Game Awards. What are your favorite [...]


E3 Expectations: Sony

After last year’s stellar presentation, Sony is expected to show more of the games introduced in 2016 and bring new surprises hoping to keep the momentum going. In a year in which their biggest competitors have new hardware to show, and exciting games, they must bring their A game to keep customers interested. But what [...]

Are We Too Quick to Judge?

The video game industry is surrounded by a level of passion that is hard to be matched by any medium. Movies, books, music have passionate fans regarding franchises, bands, series, but few can accrue as much love or hate as the most prominent video game franchises. And we have seen that with the yet unreleased [...]