Branding and games: EA – How the change of leadership affected the brand

Both in 2012 and 2013 EA was voted as the worst company in America mainly due to practices like day-one DLC's, purchases followed by the closure of smaller studios, mandatory use of online passes, microtransactions in their games and the troubled launch of SimCity's reboot, that required an online connection and didn't feature any offline [...]


Branding and games: EA – What Battlefield 4 meant for EA

On this second text focusing on EA, I'll talk about how the troubled release of Battlefield 4, the company's biggest franchise, represented the beginning of a turning point for the company, that was going through a transitional moment, amidst a change of leadership, the arrival of a new generation of consoles  and a recently announced partnership [...]

Branding and games: EA – The EA Access role on their strategy

One of my favorite subjects is branding, yes it's strange, and I'll talk a little bit about how it affects the game industry, and how companies work with it, going from Sony to Ubisoft, writing focusing on a company or subject, and the focus of this first week is EA, that has been going through [...]