E3 Expectations: Bethesda

Coming from an interesting conference last year that felt more like a Nintendo Direct than an average presentation, Bethesda comes to E3 once again but this time with the feeling that we know everything we’ll see. Rage 2 and Fallout 76 have already been announced and it doesn’t appear they will have much more to show. But Pete Hine has promised that we’ll see more than one unannounced projects.

Fallout 76

Fallout 76

An announcement that took everyone by surprise, Fallout 76 is still shrouded in mystery, as not many details about the project have surfaced. According to reports, it will stray from the common Fallout formula. Apparently, it will be an online game like Dust but still focused on singleplayer missions. We’ll probably see a gameplay demo looking to explain how it will work and how it will differ from Fallout 4.

Rage 2


Coming completely out of the right field, Rage 2 was leaked and since officially announced. A sequel to a game that wasn’t particularly beloved or revered, Rage 2 took everyone by surprise, especially because of how different it looks compared to the original Rage.

Gone the grey art style of the original, here comes this colorful punk visual, focused on a frenetic action filled with explosions. The partnership with Avalanche Studios looks like the right choice as they’re known for creating exciting action games given their history creating the Just Cause series. We should see some extended gameplay.

Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset


Released earlier this month, the Summerset expansion of Elder Scrolls online shouldn’t take much time. There will probably be a trailer highlighting positive reviews, talking about how successful it’s been and that must be it.

Another Mobile Game


It has been a while since Fallout Shelter came out and it was quite successful so it wouldn’t be a surprise if Bethesda announced another mobile game. This time I’d guess it will take place in the Elder Scrolls world.

New Elder Scrolls


Almost 7 years ago Skyrim came out and took the franchise to a whole new level, becoming one of the most successful RPG’s ever, being released on every possible platform. It’s been 3 years since Fallout 4 was announced and Todd Howard’s team hasn’t revealed any new games. According to Pete Hines, the team has been working on several projects and even though he said it wouldn’t come out in the near future, a new Elder Scrolls could be announced at the conference.

New Todd Howard Project


Speaking of Todd Howard and his several projects, one of them could be announced as one of the other surprises that were promised. There’s no idea of what the projects are about but given their pedigree, we can expect a quality game. A teaser or even a gameplay demo could be on stage.

Prey DLC


This has been hinted for months now. Prey wasn’t the game that many expected but it does have a fanbase craving for more content. We should expect something similar to the scope of Death of the Outsider, that came to Dishonored 2. At E3 they could bring the title again to the spotlight by showing something new, most probably a trailer.




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