E3 Expectations: Bethesda

Coming from great showings in their first 2 press conferences, Bethesda comes back to cement the company as one of the most important publishers in the industry, in their usual Sunday night slot. 2 reveals are to be expected, according to one image released by the company. But what can we expect from Bethesda this year?

Fallout 4 VR


First revealed last year, Bethesda promises that this will represent the revolution of VR, the biggest AAA game available for VR. Given the current landscape of that technology, it might as well be true, since that has been a gimmick since launch without many meaningful projects. The curiosity around the project is huge, due to the massive scope of the game, and how it will run, since the original game had several performance issues, and that could make the game unplayable on VR. We can expect to find out the release date and the platforms it will be released on.

Wolfenstein: The New Colossus


An extremely pleasant surprise in this generation was the comeback of the Wolfenstein franchise, with The New Order. Coming completely out of the left field, it was an old school shooter that appealed to a modern audience. Responsive gameplay, nice graphics, and a crazy story garnered a lot of attention not only from the media but from consumers as well.

In their first press conference, they hinted at a title named The New Colossus, looking like the title of a possible sequel to The New Order. We can hope to see the premiere of an extensive gameplay demo, and a release date. That I’ll guess will be Q1 2018.

The Evil Within 2


Practically leaked by a job opening in Japan, The Evil Within is a certainty, mainly because of the great reception and commercial success of the first one. The open ending leaves space to develop the story even further. Since it was hiring for localization, one of the last phases of a game development, we can expect to see it released this year, maybe as a Halloween title.

The Elder Scrolls Online


The moment in which the conference tends to fall a little bit, they’re likely to talk about the success of the game, the Morrowind expansion reception, and possibly announce something new. It is too early to come with a new expansion, but I think they might hint at a Skyrim one, to prepare to a new Elder Scrolls, that we shall see next year.

Quake Champions


After a beta that has received some mixed reception, the company will probably unveil more of the gameplay, maybe some new levels, heroes, and the release date. In a world where Overwatch exists, chances are that it may become a new Battleborn.

A Mobile Project


After the continued success of Fallout Shelter, there’s always the possibility of a new mobile game based on a property of the publisher. If I had to guess, I’d say that they might take the Go route, and will create stealth games based on Dishonored, Prey, but we have to wait and see.

New IP From Bethesda Studios


This is a little farfetched, but we know that Bethesda Studios is working on several different projects, and it looks like a great moment to make a splash during E3. Rumors about a new Sci-fi RPG in the same world of Skyrim and Fallout have gained some attention, however nothing meaningful about this project has surfaced.

Other Possibilities and 1 Crazy Thing I’d Like to See:

  • Story DLC for Dishonored 2 and Prey
  • More information on Elder Scrolls Legends
  • Elder Scrolls 6 teaser trailer

1 Crazy Thing I’d Like to See: A new Fallout from Obsidian.


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