Are We Too Quick to Judge?

The video game industry is surrounded by a level of passion that is hard to be matched by any medium. Movies, books, music have passionate fans regarding franchises, bands, series, but few can accrue as much love or hate as the most prominent video game franchises. And we have seen that with the yet unreleased [...]


Are We Seeing the Beginning of the End of the Physical Market?

For a while now the digital market has emerged as the future of the games industry, with its participation growing exponentially. In the past few years it has already dominated the PC landscape, and every year it increases their participation in the console space. To the point that 60% of EA's  total business revenue comes from [...]

Xbox’s Moment of Truth

The Xbox brand has been in the market for more than 15 years, becoming a huge player in the gaming market, rivaling with much more well-known brands such as the PlayStation and Nintendo. However recently there's a feeling that despite the leadership of Phil Spencer, that has changed their image focusing on consumer friendly initiatives, [...]