Branding and Games: When Marketing Deceives

Whether we like it or not, marketing is the driving force behind not only games, but also movies, music, entertainment in general. Even though producers, designers, talk about the craft and art into making a game, a lot of decisions, like the main character, come from marketing. Life is Strange had a hard time finding [...]


Not Enough Bantering

Minor spoilers follow Games have evolved tremendously since I was a child when it comes to storytelling. And the more complex they became, the more we wanted to know about these characters and worlds. With the evolution of the 3D technology and voice acting, with actors becoming prominent due to some roles, character interaction has [...]

What’s Behind Bethesda’s Decision To Withhold Review Copies

Last week an announcement from Bethesda sparked controversy, the decision to stop sending review copies to media outlets, youtubers, influencers as a whole. From the standpoint of journalists, it came as another stone thrown at websites that have been losing relevance in the industry, as youtube emerges as the main source of news for consumers. For youtubers [...]